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Team coordinator


University of Florence, Italy


Partner 1


Department of

Evolutionary Biology "Leo Pardi"

University of Florence



Via Romana 17

50125 Firenze, Italy

Prof. Felicita Scapini


  University of Alicante, Spain 


Partner 2


University of Alicante



Campus de Sant Vincent del Raspeig

Ap. Correus 99

03080 Alicante, Spain

Prof. Carlos Martín Cantarino


University of Barcelona, Spain


Partner 3


Department of Ecology

University of Barcelona



Diagonal 645

08028 Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Javier Romero


 IMAR, Coimbra, Portugal


Partner 4


IMAR – Institute of Marine Research

Coimbra Interdisciplinary Centre

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

University of Coimbra



3004-517 Coimbra, Portugal

Prof. João Carlos Marques


Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Crete


Partner 5


Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

Crete, Greece


P.O. Box 2214

71003 Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Prof. Anastasios Eleftheriou


  University of Malta

Partner 6


IEI - International Environmental Institute

Fundation of International Studies University of Malta


Old University Building

St. Paul Street, Valletta

VLT 07, Malta

Dr. Louis F. Cassar


Faculty of Sciences, University El Manar of Tunis, Tunisia


Partner 7

Laboratory of Evolutionary Zoology

Department of Biology

Faculty of Sciences of Tunis

University El Manar



Campus Universitaire

1060 Tunis, Tunisia

Prof. Faouzia Charfi-Cheikhrouha


APAL, Ministry of Environment, Tunisia


Partner 8


APAL - Agency of Protection and Management of Littoral Zones Ministry of Environment



BP 208

2045 CEDEX Tunis, Tunisia

Eng. Fadhel Baccar


University Mohammed V Agdal of Rabat, Morocco


Partner 9


Unity of Biology and Oceanology

Scientific Institute

University Mohammed 5 - Agdal



B.P. 703, Agdal

10106 Rabat, Morocco

Prof. Abdellatif Bayed


University Abdelmalek Essadi of Tetouan, Morocco


Partner 10


Faculty of Sciences of Tétouan

University Abdelmalek Essaâdi



Tétouan, Morocco

Prof. Mohammed Ater


CEDARE, Cairo, Egypt


Partner 11


CEDARE - Centre for Environment and Development

for the Arab Region and Europe

Environmental Information Unit



Cairo, Egypt

Prof. Mohamed A. Abdrabo


  University of Alexandria, Egypt


Partner 12


IGSR - Institute of Graduate Studies and Research

Department of Environmental Studies

Alexandria University



Alexandria, Egypt

Prof. Mohamed El Raey