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Partner 6

IEI - International Environmental Institute, Foundation for International Studies

University of Malta

Old University Building

St. Paul Street, Valletta

VLT 07, Malta




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Dr. Louis F. Cassar

International Environmental Institute

Environmental planning and land-use evaluation; coastal dune management and landscape ecology

Team coordinator

Coordinator of WP1b - Land uses

Dr.  Edwin Lanfranco, lecturer

Department of Biology, University of Malta

Terrestrial and marine vegetation, floristic and environmental conservation

Dr. Avertano Rolè, lecturer

Geography Division of the Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta

Geophysical sciences,

physical geography

Dr. Sandro Lanfranco

International Environmental Institute


Freshwater ecologist, population ecology of hydrophytes in relation to environmental stochasticity

Dr. Paul Gatt

International Environmental Institute

Bioindicator specialistDiptera diversity

Ms. Elisabeth Conrad

International Environmental Institute


Integrated coastal management

Mr. Alex Camilleri

International Environmental Institute


Integrated coastal management

Adrian Mallia, manager

Environmental Management Unit of the Planning Authority in Malta


Environment impact assessment

Mrs. Rachel Portelli

Planning Authority in Malta


Strategic environment assessment

Geoffrey Griffiths



Landscape ecology

Stephen Morse




Anthony Ellul



Rural tourism specialist

Dr. Charles Galea Bonavia




Mr. Darrin Steven

Environment Protection Department



coastal dunes

Ms. Nadia Fabri

International Environmental Institute



cultural landscape

Mr. Stanley Gatt

International Environmental Institute


Environmental science

Ms. Claire Borg

International Environmental Institute


Environmental biology

Prof. Ewan W. Anderson

Durham University, UK, Geography Department Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies


Geomorphology and human geography

Ms. Rosemary Paula Baillon

Durham University, UK, Geography Department


Social and cultural ecology; dynamics and evolution of the oued-beach systems; geographical and socio-economic indicators of the equilibrium of the systems