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Ciampi G. 2004.

Il delta dell’Ombrone. Indizi sui fattori della sua dinamica desunti dalla cartografia. Ombrone river delta (central Italy). Indications of the factors of its dynamics through cartography.

Bollettino della Società geografica Italiana, Roma, serie XII, vol. 9, 2004: 991-996


According to the common opinion of historians and geographers, 19th century land reclamation by artificial aggradation (filling) in low Ombrone river catchment, caused the beginning of the geomorphological pahse of retrogradation of the Ombrone river delta, still active to this day. Cartographic comparisons and measurements don’t confirm this opinion. Maps reveal that retrogradation began when artificial aggradation was neglected.


Address of the author:

Gabriele Ciampi, Dipartimento di Studi Storici e Geografici, Università di Firenze, via San Gallo, 50122 Firenze, Italy